Former Pro Football Wide Receiver
Brandon, SD

Bachelor Biography

Dale is a small-town boy with big dreams of making an impact on the world. His mother passed away at a young age; but before her death, Dale says she taught him to always follow his passions and that nothing is impossible if you work hard. After playing D1 football and basketball at South Dakota State, Dale spent four years playing in the NFL before stepping away to move to New York and pursue a career in consulting for sports wellness and lifestyle brands. When asked what his greatest achievement is to date, Dale says, "I'm living it!" Now, all he's just missing is a woman to share his success with. Dale is looking for a woman who wants him but doesn't need him and says that nothing turns him on more than an independent woman with strong convictions. When Dale is feeling passionate, he doesn't like to hold back and is looking for a woman who won't be turned off by his intensity. Dale says one thing he has not mastered yet is patience. Will he be able to wait his turn to make a move on Clare or will he come in hot for all the right reasons?

- Dale loves Oprah.
- Dale is super competitive and his favorite game is Hungry Hungry Hippos.
- Dale is an ambassador for The Special Olympics.
- Dale's favorite indulgence is a good martini and a perfectly cooked steak.