John Henry
John Henry
Underwater Welder
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bachelor Biography

John Henry is ready for a love deeper than the ocean. While he's extremely passionate about his work as an underwater welder, John Henry has yet to find the spark of everlasting love. John Henry is looking for a woman who is trustworthy, adventurous, and has a good sense of humor. His dream is to take his future wife diving, so hopefully Charity is ready for some aquatic exploration. When he's not working, John Henry loves hitting the gym and jamming out to ASAP Rocky. While John Henry says he can be a bit shy at first, once he opens up, he's all in. We can't wait to see if he and Charity hit it off!

Fun Facts:
• John Henry shamelessly loves pumpkin spiced lattes.
• John Henry prefers ornamental grasses over flowers.
• John Henry has only seen 20 movies – in his whole life.