Jordan M.
Jordan M.
Cyber Security Engineer
Santa Monica, CA

Bachelor Biography

Standing at a towering six feet and eight inches, Jordan M.'s good looks are hard to miss! A few years ago, Jordan M. moved to Santa Monica for a change of scenery and to pursue a career in cyber security. While Jordan loves to have fun, he says that he doesn't have the same priorities as people his age -- they all seem to be looking for the next best thing and Jordan M. is truly ready for a relationship. Jordan M. spends most of his free time hiking, going to the beach and staying active. He also loves writing poetry and competing in hacking competitions. Jordan M. knows what he wants and says he's single because he hasn't met a woman with enough depth. He says he is very attracted to Clare and is excited to date someone who is mature and knows exactly what they want. His only knock -- Jordan M. admits that he can be a little shy at first, but once his guard is down, it's game on!

- Jordan M. idolizes Barack Obama.
- Jordan M.'s favorite Sunday activity is cleaning.
- Jordan M.'s dream is to own a classic car restoration shop.