Motivational Speaker
Miami, FL

Bachelor Biography

Karl is a charismatic and confident guy who is here to find his forever love! He loves to have a good time, and more specifically, make it a good time for everyone around him. He has had long-term relationships in the past but says he has had a hard time fully committing because his professional goals have outweighed his personal ones. Now, all that has changed, and Karl is ready to make finding his wife the priority. He is looking for someone with whom he has off-the-charts chemistry. She should be fun and spunky and also love those same qualities in him. Karl is the type of guy who will take you jet skiing on a date and then read you a poem he wrote himself; nothing is off the table with Karl. For Karl, life is an adventure that always needs a little extra spice, and if Katie is ready to turn up the heat, then they're bound to hit it off!

- Karl's favorite holiday is New Year's Day because he loves the feeling of a fresh start.
- Karl loves to play chess.
- Karl speaks both English and French.