Reno, NV

Bachelor Biography

Marty has big energy, big confidence and a lot of love to go around. Though Marty loves to have fun and show off his rockin' bod, underneath that boisterous exterior is a man with a sensitive soul who is serious about finding "the one." He is looking for a woman who can joke around with him and will enthusiastically join him for a weekend of camping under the stars. He can't be with someone who spends more time staring at their phone screen than into his eyes, and good communication skills are an absolute must. Marty loves to express himself through physical touch and says that he "loves to love on and be loved on." Will Katie be all about the love with Marty?

- Marty's self-declared tagline is "Marty brings the party."
- Marty loves horseback riding.
- Marty explicitly prefers to watch movies indoors.
- The way into Marty's heart is through a good bottle of cologne.