Registered Travel Nurse
Tulsa, OK

Bachelor Biography

Noah may be only 25 years old, but don't write him off just because of his age. This man has spent the last year working tirelessly on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic as a registered travel nurse. He is here to prove that age really is just a number. Noah comes from a large family; he is one of 10 siblings. Looking at the example his loving parents have set for him, Noah knows exactly what it takes to treat a woman right. When it comes to relationships, Noah says that "every captain flies better when his co-pilot is happy," and he loves to make the woman in his life feel special.

- Noah's favorite superhero is Superman because he is strong, can fly and has incredible hair.
- Noah loves Pho.
- Noah is a twin and hopes to have his own set of twins someday.