Long Island City, NY

Bachelor Biography

Riley is a self-proclaimed workaholic who is here to give himself a real shot at finding love. After attending a small college in Ohio, he moved to New York City to attend Syracuse School of Law and pursue his dreams of being a big city lawyer. Since graduating, he has been working as an attorney practicing medical malpractice and the grind has been nonstop. He's ready to shift his priorities and believes that this is truly the perfect time for him to meet his soul mate and begin the next chapter of his life. Riley says he is looking for a woman he can be his authentic self with. The ability to carry a good conversation means a lot to Riley, but please don't ask him to go to a museum with you because that's not going to happen. He'd rather check out a new restaurant or spend the day at the ballpark enjoying the game over beer and hot dogs. He can't wait to have a family of his own and Riley plans to be an amazing father. In fact, he's already planning his first family vacay -- a tour of every single MLB stadium in the country. Sounds like a home run to us!

- Riley knows all the lyrics to "Call Me Maybe" and is a Karaoke legend among his colleagues.
- The one thing that really makes Riley mad is when the University of Michigan loses to Ohio State in football.
- Riley's favorite type of dance is slow dancing.