Zach J.
Zach J.
Cleaning Service Owner
St. George, UT

Bachelor Biography

Zach J. is a fun, outgoing and charismatic gentleman with a big personality and even bigger heart. Zach J. says that he has had a major crush on Clare ever since seeing her tell off Juan Pablo during the finale of his season. And while he is definitely excited for the journey to begin, he wants to make it clear that he is only here because he believes Clare is the perfect woman for him. Zach J. is a successful business owner who loves staying active and healthy. He stays away from the clubs and bars, and prefers to hang with a few friends and keep things low key. Zach J. says his best attributes are his abilities to be empathetic, fun and clever. When he gets married, it will be forever. Zach J. is prepared to lay it all on the line for the woman of his dreams and hopes to one day introduce Clare to his mom as his fiancée. We love a man who dreams big!

- Zach J. is obsessed with gum and Chapstick.
- Zach J. HATES jazz music and does not know how to formally dance.
- Zach J. once broke his nose walking into a glass door.
- Zach J. doesn't understand why people have so much trouble knowing when to use there vs. they're vs. their. It drives him crazy!