Josh and Andi's First Public Appearance as a Couple

Josh and Andi's First Public Appearance as a Couple

Now that the 2014 season of The Bachelorette has come to a close, Andi and her fiance Josh can finally be a couple in public. Chris Harrison introduces the happy couple in the clip above, but that wasn't the only big moment of the After the Final Rose episode with these two lovebirds.

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Even Chris Harrison was surprised by the fact that this might not have been the first time these guys have been together over the past couple months as they waited for the season to end so that they wouldn't spoil the ending for anyone. Josh and Andi explain what they mean in the clip below:


How Josh and Andi Visited Each Other|Andi has a blonde wig to keep her identity a secret.|Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray found ways to see each other while keeping it a secret. Andi even has a blonde wig because Josh loves blondes.


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As a bonus, during the episode Chris also wanted to talk about one of the most talked-about phenomenons of the past season: Andi's frown. He introduces a special guest -- Grumpy Cat! -- and invites Andi to have a frown-off with him. See the sadfest below:


Josh and Andi also made a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live! following the Bachelorette Season Finale Event.  The happy couple talked about their time on the show and played Jimmy's "No-ly-wed" Game.

Jimmy predicted accurately predicted Andi's future husband when she came for an appearance on May 19th.

Jimmy Kimmel tested Josh and Andi's relationship with the "No-ly-wed" Game.  

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