Nick and Andi's Love Story

Nick and Andi's Love Story

Nick was a front-runner for Andi as soon as he arrived at the mansion.  From the first impression rose to the final group date rose in Belgium, Nick has been in the lead to win Andi's heart and possibly be Andi's future husband.  We've pulled every important moment from Nick and Andi's love story below.


Nick V Gets The First Rose|And the frontrunner has been established.|Despite the fact he's not someone she "would typically go for," Andi gives the First Impression Rose to Nick V on the premiere of the 2014 season of The Bachelorette.

Nick receives the first rose of the season when Andi gives him the first impression rose.


Preview 1002: Date Card|Andi, let's get things popping!|Andi gets a date card from Nick V.


Despite not receiving a date card during week 2, Nick gets creative and makes a date for Andi during the cocktail party.

During Week 3, Andi takes Nick on their first one-on-one date together.  They spend a casual day riding bikes and hiking to a private perch on the mountains.  Nick and Andi share thier first kiss on their date in Santa Barbara.


The Basketball Game Gets Heated|Feelings (and pride) get injured on the court.|Feelings are hurt and pride is wounded as the boys square off on the basketball court to win a date night with Andi, on Week 4 of the 2014 season of The Bachelorette.


In Connectticut, Nick joins the other bachelors on the basketball group date.  Nick gets extra time with Andi after the 'rose buds' win the group date basketball game.


Salty Salty Nick|Nick does not enjoy group dates.|Nick lets his feelings show during the group date when he has to share Andi's time with the other bachelors.

Nick and Andi's relationship hit a bump in the road when Nick wasn't happy sharing time with the other men on the group date.  Andi wants Nick to be present and enjoy spending time with her whenever he has the opportunity.


The other bachelors tell Andi about Nick's confidence and the way he rubs people the wrong way.  Many of Andi's negative thoughts are washed away after he reads his poem for Andi.


Andi gives Nick a second chance in Venice by giving him another one-on-one date.  Nick is able to make-up for his bad attitude in Marsaille, France.


Prior to his group date in Belgium, Nick takes fate into his own hands by creating another one-on-one opportunity with Andi.  The extra time with Andi in Belgium helps Andi's decision on who to give the group date rose to and locks Nick in for a hometown date.


Nick's little sister asked Andi the tough questions during her hometown visit.  Andi was still able to pass with flying colors.


Nick wrote an illustrated story book about their time together on The Bachelorette. 

Nick will meet Andi's family on the Season Finale of The Bachelorette.  Who will Andi choose? Don't miss the Season Finale Event on MONDAY JULY 28 8|7c

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