The Bachelorette Results: Contestants Cory and Daniel Are Eliminated

The Bachelorette Results: Contestants Cory and Daniel Are Eliminated

Last week, Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe sent Kupah home before the Rose Ceremony. He handled it poorly, and his outburst delayed the Rose Ceremony until last night. So this week's episode kicked right into high gear with Kaitlyn confronting Kupah about 1) all the yelling, and 2) not wanting to leave. Watch the clip below to see how that dramatic moment wrapped up.

With that drama handled, Kaitlyn got down to the most Bachelorette-y of business: handing out roses. Cory and Daniel were the unfortunate pair who didn't receive a rose, and so their journey on the show ended.

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The contestants who remained sumo wrestled for Kaitlyn's heart, but Tony decided he felt that between this and the boxing, there was too much aggression for him, and he left the show. Here's Tony losing his cool over it while talking to Kaitlyn:

Clint and JJ created drama that trumped the Rose Ceremony, as one by one, the men told Kaitlyn that the house dynamic was in bad shape due to Clint and JJ scheming to their heart's delight:

"Villains gotta vill," they decreed, both accepting their roles as the bad apples while simultaneously making up words. Joshua finally straight-up called the pair "two-faced," and Kaitlyn decided something had to be done...but alas, there was no more time. To be continued, yet again. Will Kaitlyn send home more men before the Rose Ceremony? Find out next week!

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