The Bachelorette Deleted Scenes: Season Premiere

The Bachelorette Deleted Scenes: Season Premiere

There were three wonderful hours of The Bachelorette to watch this week during the two-night premiere event (watch Part 1 and Part 2 now if you haven't)(also, if you haven't, you must hate fun) but we've got even more good stuff for you with these deleted scenes.

This Nap Stinks

Arrivals Night is quite a beast. In addition to all the stress of generally spending the most time on national TV these folks have ever experienced, they've got access to booze, and they're in for the long haul. Did you notice that it was getting light outside when the eliminated bachelors were leaving? Unless they kick this night off around midnight, that makes for a long evening.

Some bachelors refuel by taking a quick nap. And other bachelors refuel by farting on the napping bachelors.

Ryan M Wants to Rage, Bro

Speaking of drinking beyond your capabilities and getting thrown out of the house (were we not?), here's a little more Ryan M for you, because you can never have enough. Justin is discussing how partying isn't a priority for him because he's got a young son, but Ryan M wants him to "rage" and "go hard in the paint." It would appear that Justin is not on board with this plan.

This Dentist Sure Likes Sugar

Chris "Cupcake" -- who arrived in a cupcake car -- also brought some along to the house. Though he was the first to boldly kiss Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, we've got a sweet moment of the Nashville dentist sharing a treat with Britt Nilsson below.

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