Bachelorette Deleted Scenes: Packing Joe's Bag and Tossing Horseshoes

Bachelorette Deleted Scenes: Packing Joe's Bag and Tossing Horseshoes

We've gotten out hands on a couple of outtakes from Week 8 of The Bachelorette! One of them will make you laugh, and the other might just break your heart.

Joe's Personal Assistants

We'll start with the bad news. You see, when Joe set off on the group date along with Nick Viall and Shawn B, he just assumed he was heading out on a normal ol' group date. Nothing to worry about! Just grab your coat and get in the car, or the bus, or more likely on The Bachelorette, the helicopter! But as we know now, and as Joe probably wishes he'd known then, that would be his last date, because poor Joe was sent home on the group date. He of course was not worried about this possibility -- which meant that he wasn't packed. So host Chris Harrison paid a visit to the guys' suite, and had to make a request that is both odd and yet perfectly fitting in the world of The Bachelorette:

So not only was Joe sent home, but while he was having one of the roughest days of his life, Ben H and Jared were rummaging through his undies.  

Throwing Shoes

Did you know that Ben's great-grandparents were professional horseshoe throwers? If you said "Yes," you are likely either a liar or a stalker. (Or Ben's mom, in which case... sorry Mrs. H!) That's what Ben told Kaitlyn Bristowe on their one-on-one date last week, and though she thought he was just messing with her at first, she believed him after he started tossing those 'shoes:

As she says, maybe it's just in his blood. 

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