Doug E. Fresh Helps the Bachelorette Contestants in Rap Battle

Doug E. Fresh Helps the Bachelorette Contestants in Rap Battle

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe got some help from hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh on Week 4 of The Bachelorette in New York City for a rap battle group date. Doug E. Fresh hosted the event (which featured head-to-head battles between the guys), and also coached the guys on some basics. See full video of the battle here:

Kaitlyn said it best: "This is the worst rap battle I have ever seen." And though these guys aren't going to be signing any record deals anytime soon based on their performances, they did have their moments. Here are a few of their highlights:

Ben Z vs. Tanner

Ben: "This? Me? Naturally / Even with steroids, you won't look like me."
Tanner: "She's too small for you bro / She could fit in your pocket / Plus for a big guy, you have a very tiny rocket."

Jonathan vs. Ryan B

Jonathan: "Please take your ass back to Florida / 'Cause I-I-I know she's bored of ya."
Ryan: "Hanging with all these kids on a group date / Kinda feels like a bad episode of Kate Plus Eight."

Corey vs. JJ

Corey: "You enjoying your stint? / Where's your boyfriend? Your boyfriend, Clint?"
JJ: "All the boys spitting all that prose / Just go back to your NYC hoes."
(As a reminder, this battle was held in New York City. The ladies in the crowd booed JJ after that one.)

Shawn B vs. Justin

Shawn: "You say you're a big-time personal trainer / Kaitlyn -- his body, my body / No brainer."
Justin: (after noting that Shawn looks like Ryan Gosling) "Remind me how The Notebook ends / That's right, she forgot you / Yeah, I'm in."

Putting aside the fact that Justin had to give Shawn a pretty big compliment to set up that line, it was probably the best rhyme of the night.

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