The Bachelorette Spoilers: Kaitlyn's Confession and Contestant Confrontation

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Kaitlyn's Confession and Contestant Confrontation

The Bachelorette had some pretty big events go down in Week 8. Ever since the premiere ended with the Bachelorette 2015 season trailer, we've basically been waiting to see 1) who Kaitlyn Bristowe slept with, and 2) what happened after she told people. (We are quite possibly bad people. Certainly nosy ones.) We got the answer to the first part in Week 6, and the answer to the other query last night. And in the meantime, we've seen a whole lot of guys sent home in the past couple weeks. Bachelorette spoilers within, obviously, but let's recap some of these big moments.

So, Who Did Kaitlyn Sleep With?

The answer to the first ginormous burning question -- who did Kaitlyn Bristowe sleep with? -- was none other than Nick Viall. In Week 6, after a romantic one-on-one date, Kaitlyn invited Nick back to her hotel room, and the morning after, she woke up with some regrets: 

Her immediate concern was definitely how this would affect her relationships with the other guys. And that concern haunted her in many conversations where she feared that one contestant or another -- often Shawn -- already knew what happened. So last night, in Week 8, Kaitlyn decided to control the message and tell Shawn herself that she slept with Nick in Ireland:

It actually went pretty well, all things considered -- Shawn was shocked and upset, but he made it clear he wanted Kaitlyn, so if dealing with this is the price of admission, he was going to stick around. Not bad.

Nick vs. Shawn: The Dramatic Confrontation

Things may have gone a little less smoothly for Nick. Shawn already made it clear he didn’t like Nick, and this revelation obviously didn’t make Shawn more of a fan. Shawn typically just refers to Nick as “The Other Guy” and Nick has said that Shawn has never even made an effort to talk to him. Shawn changed that last night as he showed up at Nick’s room unannounced and basically just unloaded all his feelings about Nick right to his face:

So if we might have once characterized their tension as “simmering,” it’s pretty safe to say that now it’s a full-on boil. We’ll have to wait until Week 9 to see how it ends, but something tells us it won’t be a hearty handshake and a bro hug.

Eliminations Galore

Usually most of the eliminations happen early on and then taper off as the weeks progress, but Kaitlyn cancelled one Rose Ceremony, so things got a little backed up, and then Chris Harrison moved Overnight Dates in front of Hometown Dates, and then told Kaitlyn she had to cut down to six bachelors from three in one week. So in Weeks 7 and 8 there were a total of six eliminations, which is a lot for late in the game.

JJ, Tanner, and early favorite Ben Z got the axe in Week 7, but the most brutal cut came for Chris “Cupcake” during a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn:

Ouch. He didn’t see it coming, but to be fair, we don’t think anyone did -- including Kaitlyn. Chris Cupcake spoke about his elimination on GMA, and he’s in much better spirits now, so that’s something.

Joe didn’t see his elimination coming either, and he got really weird when it went down. Not many people get dumped on national TV, so we’ll give Joe a pass on his robotic behavior, but he certainly wasn’t as graceful during his exit as Jared was:

So a lot has changed in the past two weeks, and we’ve got two to go. What do you think is coming next? Tell us @BacheloretteABC and watch The Bachelorette MONDAYS 8|7c!

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