The Catch Episode 4 Recap: Alice Helps Ben Escape Agent Dao

After Margot removes General Halabi from the picture, Ben (Peter Krause) is ready to con the princess out of millions of dollars.  He encourages her to donate to women's rights.  Alice (Mireille Enos) sabotages Ben's con by creating a new identity and pretending to be a leader in women's rights.  AVI investigates the case of a missing person, who is feared to be taken by terrorists. Here is The Catch recap of Episode 4 "The Princess and the I.P." that aired on Thursday, April 14, 2016.  In "The Princess and the I.P." Trial," Anderson Vaughan and Associates take on a new client, a government agency that may have just lost the only person with the blueprints for a very deadly weapon. While the AVI team tries to track her down, Ben continues to pursue his mark, Princess Zara Al-Salim. As he gets closer to making his deal, however, Alice proves she’s one step ahead.

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Alice Inserts Herself into Ben's Con of the Princess
Alice poses as Paige Baker to prevent Ben from conning the Princess.  Alice is wearing a wire to try and capture Ben's confession.  When Alice asks if they are dating, the Princess tells her that they are just business partners and a woman just broke Ben's heart.  With Alice now a stakeholder in the con, Ben's life just got a lot harder.

Anderson Vaughn Investigations Sets Up a Sting Operation
Knowing that their client is planning to sell their software to possible international threats, Alice and Valerie (Rose Rollins) devise a plan to catch them in the act.  They walk the AVI team through each step that includes using Agent Dao (Jacky Ido) as the fake buyer of the software.

Alice Lets Ben Escape
Alice meets Ben at the park to trap him for Agent Dao.  Ben professes his love for Alice and reminds her that their love is real.  Alice reveals that she's wearing a wire to let Ben escape Dao's agents.





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