Splatter Painted Photo Frames

Splatter Painted Photo Frames

Take a photo of something you love and put it  in this custom frame for a craft you can admire for years to come.

9x9 photo frame (Ikea)
9x9 watercolor paper mat
Exacto knife and mat (to cut heart-shaped mat)
Circle cutter (to cut circle-shaped mat)
Rubber cement
Neon Craft Paint
Latex gloves
Construction paper (for practice)
Spray bottle
Chip brushes

- Place 9x9 watercolor paper on a cutting mat. Use an exactoknife or circle cutter to cut a heart, circle, square or other shape out of the center of the paper.

- Take rubber cement and create an outline around the shape or other design of your choice.

- Pick a background paint color – mix it with water in a small spray bottle.

- Using latex gloves on a covered surface, spray the paint onto the watercolor mat. Let dry.

- Use sponges or chip brushes, drip water colored paint onto watercolor mat. Let dry in between each color.

- When the watercolor mat is completely dry, gently scrape off the rubber cement and use markers to add a personal message (optional).

- Use tape to secure photo to mat. Place mat in 9x9 frame.