Piñata Garland Party Hats

Piñata Garland Party Hats

Follow Clinton's surprise party tips to help you be the best party host ever!

- Paper Party Hats
- Tissue Paper
- Ribbon
- String
- Candy/confetti
- Glue stick
- Scissors


- Remove string from party hats

- Add 2 pieces of ribbon (each about 5 inches in length) through the opening of the hat.  Secure with tape on the inside of hat.

- Fill hats with candy & confetti. (About 10-15 pieces of candy and a spoonful of confetti per hat)

- Cut out a circle of tissue paper, a bit wider than the opening of the hat. Any color works!

- Score middle of tissue paper with an X to help candy fall out of hat. Folding the tissue paper circle in half then scoring with scissors works best.

- Place several pieces of ribbon over the X with tape.  Add more ribbon to the tissue paper base if necessary. (This will help opening break easily)

- Secure tissue paper closing to hat with tape.

- Fold sheet of tissue paper in half, then continue folding until it’s about 1 inch thick.

- Cut that strip into 2 inch pieces.

- Fringe ends of tissue paper with scissors. Continue cutting tissue paper fringe until you have a variety of 3-4 colors.

- Open tissue paper fringe and glue to hat with glue stick. Place glue on hat first, then press tissue paper onto hat to secure. Start at the bottom of the hat and work up to the top. Alternate and later colors to achieve desired look.

- Tie ribbon at the top of hat to a longer string to create a garland. (About 8-10 feet)

- Pull string hanging from bottom of hat to release the candy/confetti!