Paper Flower Chandelier

Paper Flower Chandelier

Watch How to Make It

Clinton shows you how to make a beautiful flower chandelier without the hassle of allergies!

Flower Templates
Pink & Purple Craft Paper
Glue Gun
Twine Or Thread
Wire Basket

1. Use the flower templates to trace onto craft paper then cut out petal templates.
- Trace the four-petal template on pink paper & the six petal one on purple.
- You can staple template on top of 2-3 sheets of paper to cut out multiple at once.
- You can print out templates directly onto craft paper.

2. Use pencil to curl each individual petal.

3. For the pink pieces, fold each petal backward at the base to flare the curls open.
- For the purple piece, roll petals inward slightly to create a bunched center
- NOTE: Pink petals should curl over the purple petals

4. Cut 4-foot pieces of twine to make the strands & thread the needle.

5. To make flower, place a purple petal over a pink petal, with the curls facing up.

6a. Glue petal pieces together, then pierce needle through the center to string.
6b.Pierce needle through the center of petal pieces, then secure with a small dab of glue between the petals
- Use about ten flowers per strand & space them about 4 inches apart.
- Use a sponge when stringing flowers to avoid poking your fingers.

7. Tie the strands on the rim of wire basket
- Adjust length of each strand to stagger the flowers

8. Hang chandelier!