Cocktail Napkin Coasters & Bleach Art Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail Napkin Coasters & Bleach Art Cocktail Napkins

Clinton teaches the hosts a perfect craft for Happy Hour: How to make 2 different coasters

Cocktail Napkin Coasters
- Tiles
- Decorative Paper Napkins
- Decoupage Glue
- Foam Brush
- Spray Varnish
- Adhesive Felt

1. Unfold cocktail napkin & remove extra layers.
2. Brush thin layer of decoupage craft glue onto tile.
3. Smooth napkin onto tile in desired position.
4. Trim edges of napkin with scissors.
5. Flip Tile, then fold & secure edges with glue.
6. Coat entire surface with decoupage glue then let dry.
7. Apply adhesive felt square to bottom.

Bleach Art Cocktail Napkins
- Colored Cloth Napkins
- Bleach
- Pencils & Toothpicks
- Wine Corks
- Craft Knife

1. Plan design using pencil erasers, toothpicks, or wine cork stamps to create pattern.
2. Test bleach on extra napkins or old colored t-shirts.
3. Dip stamp into bleach, then apply to napkin.