Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

Flowers are everyone’s go-to gift on Mother’s Day, but flowers die quickly. Don’t waste your money on something that'll die in a week, make these paper flowers that are a fraction of the cost and will last so much longer!

- Cardstock and Tissue Paper
- Glue Stick
- Hot Glue Gun
- Branches
- Scissors
- Pencil


Cherry Blossoms:
1. Create 2 five petal blossom templates – One larger, one smaller
2. Trace large blossom template on light pink tissue paper
3. Trace small blossom template on dark pink tissue paper
4. Cut out shapes using sharp scissors
5. Put dab of glue in lighter color and press darker color on top
6. Once dry, add another dab of glue on top of dark pink
7. Put tip of pen or pencil in center of glue, pinch and twist to form blossom

1. Start out with red square of paper – about 4 inches wide
2. Draw a spiral
3. Cut out spiral shape starting from outside corner and ending in middle
4. Start rolling from outside edge and coil tightly
5. Continue rolling until you get to center
6. Add hot glue to center and press coiled paper to create rosette
7. Using hot glue, add paper flowers to branches
8. Create beautiful arrangement in vase
9. Give mom this gift that will last forever!

- Petal template (Download the Template)
- Yellow crepe paper
- Brown crepe paper
- Scissors
- Glue stick
- Hot glue gun
- branches

1. Cut out several brown crepe paper squares
2. Trace petal template onto yellow crepe paper and cut out – make several.
3. Dab glue onto brown square and roll to form stamen
4 . Dab glue onto tail of yellow petal and wrap around crepe paper stamen
5. Repeat 3 more times
6. Gather 4 petals together to form flower
7. Dab glue on another brown square and wrap around four stamens to bind them
8. Hot glue to branch