Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake Liner Flowers


- Cupcake liners
- Pipe cleaners
- Scissors


Stack and flatten 1-3 cupcake liners.  Fold into halves, then quarters. Cut the wide, curved edge in any petal-like pattern, being careful to keep the center intact.

Next, twist one end of a pipe cleaner to imitate the flower’s stamen.

Unfold the cupcake liners and push the straight end of the pipe cleaner through the center of each one individually.  Slide the liners up to the stamen and arrange them like petals.  Continue cutting and adding liners until satisfied with the look of the flower. Then, twist the liners around the base to secure them on the pipe cleaner.

Tip: experiment with different cutting patterns to imitate different types of flowers! Also try strategically crumpling paper to create volume and dimension.