Alphabet Soup Place Cards

Alphabet Soup Place Cards

Clinton shares one of his pasta inspired crafts that's so easy and affordable, you can make it with your family tonight!


- Alphabet Pasta
- Cardstock
- Ruler & Scissors
- Spray Paint
- Double-Stick Tape
- Glue 
- Tweezers 
- Printer


1. Cut cardstock to size. Use dark cardstock if using plain noodles, and light cardstock if painting noodles black. Cut cardstock to 4.5” x 3.25”. Use a ruler, pencil and scissor or craft knife to size.

2. FOLD CARDSTOCK IN HALF. Fold cardstock along short edge, then unfold – the fold line will help center the name on the front of the card.

3. PAINT LETTERS. This is optional. You can use the plain letters, or you can spray paint them black to look like printer type on your cards. To spray, put down a strip of double-stick tape on cardboard, press letters into tape, then spray. This keeps letters from flying all over the place. Let dry completely.

4. GLUE LETTERS TO CARD. First, choose letters and arrange on card to decide placement. Handle letters with tweezers. One-by-one, put a small dab of glue on back of each letter, then apply to card to spell out name. Let dry completely.

5. ADD PRINT-OUT. Print and cut-out guest’s faces or clip-art, then glue to upper corner of folded card.