Chic-As-Can-Be Pasta Necklaces

Chic-As-Can-Be Pasta Necklaces

Clinton shares one of his pasta inspired crafts that's so easy and affordable, you can make it with your family tonight!


- Smooth Penne or "Penne Lisce"
- Metallic Spray Paint
- Skewer
- Super Glue
- Ribbon


1. SPRAY PAINT PENNE Spray paint gold, silver and bronze, covering all sides. Tip: thread penne onto a skewer, then spray while holding and turning. Let dry, then lay on surface and spray each end, getting the interior as well.

2. ARRANGE IN CHEVRON SHAPE Arrange the metallic pasta in a chevron shape. Pair two of the same color to create a “V”, then alternate colors for each layer.

3. GLUE TOGETHER Start by gluing first “V”, then adding additional layers. Place a small drop of super glue at every place the pasta touches: at points of chevron, at end of each piece along edge, etc. Let dry completely.

4. APPLY GLOSS/VARNISH Spray with acrylic spray or varnish to even the finish and hide any super glue. Let dry completely.

5. ATTACH RIBBON If ribbon is thin enough, thread it through the penne. Otherwise, cut two lengths of ribbon and superglue into ends of each piece of pasta in the top “V”. Tie ribbon around neck to wear.