Spin Art Notecards

Spin Art Notecards

Clinton shows you how to make beautiful note cards using a common kitchen tool!

Part 1

Part 2

- Salad spinner
- Acrylic paints
- Card stock
- Masking tape
- Chopsticks
- Scissors
- Tape or gluestick

1. Cut circles of white or light colored card stock to fit into bottom of salad spinner (about 7 1/2 inches). To get the perfect fit, trace the bottom of the bowl and cut a little inside that circle.

2.  Roll a 2" piece of masking tape over on itself to stick the card stock to the bottom of the salad spinner. It’s very important that the paper not move

3.  Press tape onto base of salad spinner cage and press circle onto tape to secure it.

4.  Squirt about a teaspoon or a bit more, of each color onto the card stock.  Keep the paint at or near the middle. You can do blobs, lines or swirls. They can smear together or start separately.  Different paints have different consistencies. After some trials, you may want to thin out paint with a little water to get different effect.

5.  Put lid in place and let 'er rip!  Start with couple of slow pulls, then build up to rapid spins.  Do 15-20-30 or more pulls. As long as paper stays put

6. Remove lid, stop spinner- and there it is!

7.  Carefully remove your new painting. Use craft stick or chop stick to remove paper. Otherwise you may get paint on your fingers and damage the work.

8.  Set aside and let dry.

9.  While your work is drying wash the salad spinner.

10. Make a "view finder" window in a sheet of cardstock.

11.  Place window over the circular artwork to find the best composition.

12.  Once you’re happy with the placement, lightly trace the rectangular shape onto the circle.

13.  Cut out your rectangle with scissors

14.  Using double stick tape (or glue) put the rectangular artwork in place on the face of the card.

15. Add glitter embellishments and write a personalized note!