Wicked Witch Legs

Wicked Witch Legs

Follow Clinton’s steps for a delightfully devilish door Halloween decoration that would have Dorothy running for the hills!

Watch how to make it in Part 1 & 2

- Pool noodles
- Striped stockings
- Steel rods
- A pair of black shoes or boots
- Cardboard
- Aluminum foil
- A broomstick


For the Shoe Buckles
1. Cut a square of cardboard with a square removed from the center.
2. Glue foil to cardboard and cut an “x” in the center
3. Glue to back of cardboard and fold foil around
4. Stick buckles to shoes with double-stick tape

To Assemble
1. Use a knife to shorten a pool noodle to about 3 feet long
2. Fit Stockings onto Noodles
3. Secure at the top with tape
4. Slide steel rods into noodles; these are about 1/8” thick and 36 inches long (you can also use a wire hanger)
5. Bend noodles to create feet (the bend should be shorter than your shoe length)
6. Bend noodles to create knees
7. Place shoes into noodles