Eyeball Garland

Eyeball Garland

Give your guests the heebie jeebies with Clinton’s front door Halloween décor.

Watch How to Make It

- Black feather boas
- Ping pong balls
- Colored markers
- Glue
- Black twist ties

Instructions for Eyeballs
1. Take your Ping-Pong balls and draw a black circle for the pupil
2. Use a blue, brown or green marker to color around the black pupil for the iris
3. Use a red marker to create scary veins
4. Hot glue a black twist tie to the backside of the eyeball- be careful with hot glue

Instructions for Garland
1. Take two black boas and twist them together to make a full garland. Secure with twist ties
2. Secure eyes to boas

Finish Door
1. Wrap boa around your railing