Freaky Front Door Mummy

Freaky Front Door Mummy

Follow Clinton’s steps for a freaky and funny mummy front door covering for Halloween. 

Watch how to make it in Part 1 & 2

White crepe paper
Double-sided tape
Black and white felt
Black craft fur
Black card stock

1. Tear your crepe paper into strips, a little longer than the width of your door
2. Now we’re going to start wrapping our door!
3. Place a strip of double-sided tape along the edges of the door.
4. Place strips of crepe paper across the front of your door. Secure on the sides onto tape. Make sure you overlap and arrange them in different directions

Mummy’s Face
1. Create eyes using circles cut out of felt
2. Tape black circle onto white
3. Create a mouth with black card stock
4. Use craft fur to create angry eyebrows

Put the Mummy Face on the Door
1. Use double-sided tape to secure eyes, mouth and eyebrows to door