Cereal Box Monster Trick or Treat Bags

Cereal Box Monster Trick or Treat Bags

Ditch vanilla trick-or-treat bags for these spooky and scary ones your kids will love.

- Cereal Box
- Wrapping & Craft Paper
- Hole Punch 
- Ribbon
- Glue Gun

1. WRAP CEREAL BOX - Open box, remove cereal, then fold flaps inward, and secure with hot glue. Wrap box in wrapping paper, folding the bottom like you would a present. At the top, cut the paper straight down at each corner, toward the corners of the box, and fold in, securing with tape.

2. PUNCH HOLES & ATTACH HANDLE - Use a single-hole punch, to punch holes on either side of the box, 1” from top, through both layers of cardboard. Cut a length of ribbon, ends cut diagonally to thread through holes, then knot to secure.

3. CUT OUT FACE PIECES - Cut out hair, eyes, teeth, horns, etc. from colorful craft paper

4. GLUE ON MONSTER FEATURES - Use a glue gun to attach hair, eyes, teeth, tongue, horns and any additional decoration, such as polka dots, stripes, scales, etc.

NOTE: Use adhesive foam circles under eyes/features to add dimension

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