How to Make Homemade Soap

How to Make Homemade Soap

Learn to make a simple Christmas craft and luxurious gift everyone will enjoy! Try this homemade soap recipe:


- Silicone molds in desired shapes - Cupcake molds or large ice cube trays work great!
- Clear glycerin soap base - You'll need 2-3 pounds of solid soap for one mold tray.
- Flowers, herbs, and orange peels
- Essential oils


1. Place your flowers, herbs, or orange peels into the molds
- Use dried flowers (like rose petals). Fresh will fall apart.
- Herbs can be fresh or dried. Mint and rosemary work great.
- You can also use lemon peels instead of orange peels

2. Cut glycerin soap into pieces and melt according to package directions in a heat-safe container.
- You can use a microwave or double boiler. Place heat-safe measuring cup right inside.

3. Add essential oils - About 20 drops per half cup of soap.
- Rose oil with rose, peppermint oil with mint, orange oil with orange, lavender with rosemary.

4. Slowly fill each mold with the melted soap base.
- With lightweight materials like these, it's best to work in layers!
- Fill one third, let cool, then repeat until full.

5. Once the soap has cooled completely, pop shapes out of molds.

6. Wrap in plastic wrap or wax paper to create a barrier.

7. Wrap in festive tissue paper and tie with ribbon.
- Include a tag that says what type of soap it is!


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