Clinton's Craft Corner: Ombre Felt Christmas Tree

Clinton's Craft Corner: Ombre Felt Christmas Tree

Deck your halls this holiday season with Clinton’s Ombre Felt Christmas Trees.

-Styrofoam Cones 15” or 12” Tall
-Paper Template
-Hot Glue
-Tree Branch Tree Trunk


1.  Hot glue the Styrofoam cone to the trunk, and set aside. Using a saw, cut small pieces of the trunk, or use a small terracotta pot as an alternative.

2. Make a simple leaf shape template on card stock. (Clinton uses a 2 2/4 x 1 1x2 inch template). Trace the template onto felt and cut felt leaf shapes.

3. Begin gluing leaves to the cone starting with the darkest color.Edges of leaves should touch or overlap slightly. When gluing onto foam, apply glue to felt, NOT to foam. Hot glue will melt foam if applied directly. Glue cools enough in the seconds it takes to apply felt to cone.

4. After the first row is complete, begin the second one. The tips of these should drop into place between the leaves in the first row. The leaves should meet the base of the cone or hang slightly below it.

5. Continue like this upward changing colors after 3-4 layers (large cone) or 2-3 layers (small cone). As the circumference of the cone shrinks, the leaves will get more bunched together. Eliminate a leaf from the row each time you change colors to keep it from getting too bunched up.

6. Once you’re at the second to last row, make sure the leaf meets the top of the cone. The Top of the tree should have only 4 or 5 leaves. Apply hot glue across the center width of the leaf.