DIY Christmas Decorations: Glitter Snowflake Canvases

DIY Christmas Decorations: Glitter Snowflake Canvases

Follow Clinton's instructions for these DIY Christmas decorations and you'll never need to pony up a ton of money for super chic wall art again!

- A Canvas
- Painter's Tape
- Paint (any color)
- Paint Brush
- Reindeer, Tree, or snowflake stencil
- Glue
- Glitter

1. Start by making stripes on the canvas with painter's tape
- Make them wide or narrow
- Make sure tape is sealed on

2. Paint stripes with acrylic paint, let mostly dry, then carefully peel off tape.
* Thin coats work best.

3. Choose a holiday shape; reindeer, trees, or snowflakes, and cut stencils out of cardstock.

4. Trace the stencil onto your painted canvas.
* Use a pencil or paint pen

5. Brush glue over shape until the area is coated.

6. Spoon glitter onto shape so it's completely covered.

7. You'll want to shake off any excess glitter and let your canvas completely dry.

8. Place onto a mantle, hang on the walls or use small ones as centerpieces for festive flare anywhere!   


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