Cherry Blossom Branch Glasses

Cherry Blossom Branch Glasses

Why spend the money on expensive glasses when you can make your own for less than half the price! 

- Glass
- Pencil with Eraser
- Pencil Sharpener
- Applicator Tip
- Glass Paint
- Sippy Cup with Paper Insert



1. Clean surface of glass with cotton ball soaking in rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and grease. Let dry completely.

2. Draw Branches – Attach applicator tip to brown paint. Squeeze gently and draw branches in “y’ and zigzag shapes on surface of glass. Let dry completely.

3. Draw Flowers – Dip pencil eraser – sharpened with pencil sharpener – in colored paint and dot flower patter. Use toothpick dipped in brown pain to dot flower centers. Let dry.


1. Remove and trace paper inserts. (Trace size / shape onto ticker paper & cut out)

2. Draw cherry blossoms using the same method.

3. Once dry, place glasses in cool oven. Set to 300F and bake for 30 min. Turn oven off and leave glasses in oven. Let the whole thing come to room temperature before removing. Hand wash.

4. Once dried, slip decorated paper into cup.