Ink Dye Coasters and Paint Chip Calendar

Ink Dye Coasters and Paint Chip Calendar

The weekend is almost here and it’s the perfect time to craft.  Check out some of these fun, budget-friendly crafts.

Ink Dye Coasters

These coasters are super unique, easy and very chic. They have the look of these agate coasters you see in the stores for upwards of $70! We’re making a set of four for $4.80!

What You Need
- White tiles
- Rubbing alcohol
- Alcohol ink
- Sealant Spray
- Felt

How to Make Them

1. First, clean the surface of the tile with rubbing alcohol. The amount of alcohol you put on the tiles will change your results.

2. Then, start dripping the alcohol ink onto the tiles. Allow the ink to move around a bit before adding your next color.

Keep adding more ink until you have covered the tile completely. You’ll get different effects using more or less of the ink and every single tile will be different!

3. After about 15 minutes when your tile is completely dry, spray with a sealant to preserve the colors. Then, add felt adhesive to the bottom of your tile so they don’t damage your furniture.

4. Tie a set of four together with a pretty ribbon and give as a hostess gift!!

Paint Chip Calendar

Calendars can be expensive, so save a bundle with this fun craft.

What You’ll Need
- Poster frame (16x20)
- Dry erase marker
- 35 assorted colored paint chips
- Double sided tape

How to Make It

1. First, line the back of picture frame with craft paper. I used brown butcher paper here and attached it with spray adhesive. You can use craft paper, wall paper, wrapping paper or any type of paper you have around the house.

2. Then, cut your paint chips to fit the size of your frame.

3. Next, punch a hole on the top of the paint chip to create a space for the dates. Then begin lining the first row of paint chips across and the first row of paint chips down.

4. Start mounting the chips to the paper using double-sided tape.

When you’re done, place the frame back together and use a dry erase marker to start filling in your calendar.

In no time, you’ll have this reusable calendar for year after year!