Father's Day Mugs

Father's Day Mugs

Watch How It's Made

Father’s Day is only two days away and if you haven’t gotten dad a gift yet, never fear we’ve got just the thing. These monogram and silhouette mugs  are the perfect gift that any dad would love.

What You Need
- white mug
- glass paint marker or porcelain pen – can be used on ceramics
- graphite transfer paper
- monogram or silhouette printed on paper
- coffee
- cellophane or plastic bags

How to Make It

1. Cut out monogram or silhouette.  It should fit your mug and be sure to leave a small blank border around the edges.

2. Cut transfer paper.  It should be almost the same size as monogram/silhouette cut-out.

3. Make sure mug is clean.  If needed wipe it down with glass cleaner.

4. Darker side of transfer paper should be touching mug

5. Use a pen or pencil to trace your design.

6. Remove paper to reveal transferred image.  Clean up any smudges with damp paper towel or pencil eraser.

7. Using glass marker, trace over outline of image.  Be careful not to smudge! Wipe any mistakes immediately with a cotton swab and alcohol-based glass cleaner.

8. Fill in your design.  The silhouette style designs looks best completely filled in.

9. Once you’re done, let mugs sit for 8 hours, and then bake at 375 for 40 minutes.

10. Fill cellophane or plastic bags with coffee, tie with twine or ribbon, and add a note.

11. Place bag inside mug and your done!