Glitter Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holders

Glitter Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holders

Watch How It's Made

Not a fan of football? Spend Sunday afternoon crafting instead by creating these festive Glittery Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holders!

- Pumpkins
- Drill with a hole saw or mallet and biscuit cutter
- Craft Glue
- Bristle Brush
- Glitter
- Tea Light


1. Clean the pumpkin.

2. For larger pumpkins, remove as much of the stem as you can using a knife or saw.  While a paddle bit works best for smaller pumpkins, a hole saw works best for larger ones.

3. Center the hole over the remaining stem and drill down into the pumpkin. Don’t push -- let the tool do the work and then pull back the drill (this should take a few seconds). If you drill too deep, then you can plug the hole with foil or paper.  You can also use a mallet or a biscuit cutter to create the hole, if you like. To keep the pumpkin from rotting too quickly, you can use petroleum jelly over the exposed area. Or, you can use a fake pumpkin so your craft will not rot at all!

4. Put down newspaper to avoid getting glitter all over your house. Brush the pumpkin with craft glue using a bristle brush, and ensure that the pumpkin is completely coated with glue, but not dripping. With larger pumpkins, it is better to work in sections, while with smaller ones this can be done all at once.

5. Pour glitter over the wet glue. Move and tilt the pumpkin to catch all the glitter. Continue until the surface is evenly covered.

6. Let dry completely for a few hours. It’s possible to return to the pumpkin and add more glitter later. Optional: Brush some brown acrylic paint onto the stem. Once the pumpkin is coated in glitter, the stems could look dry and discolored.

7. Add a toothpick or foil to the hole for the tea light, and then add the candle.