Dip Tie Dye

Dip Tie Dye

Watch How It's Made

This tie dying craft is perfect for kids and adults!  Give it a try this weekend.

What You’ll Need
- white cloth napkins or table runner. Should be at least 50% cotton.
- liquid fabric dye. About $3 per bottle
- a container with hot water
- yard stick or wooden dowel
- salt
- gloves

How to Make It

1. Choose container that’s large enough to drape your fabric into.  It should be about the same height as your folded napkin or runner.

2. Fill container with hot water – about 1/3 or halfway depending on how high you want the dye to go.

3. Add fabric dye to water. Follow package instructions, but for lighter colors, use less dye. We are using about 3-4 spoonfuls in 2 gallons of water. Remember, material will dry lighter than it appears when wet.

4. Stir salt into water. We’re using 1 cup, but follow package instructions.  Salt helps dye adhere to fabric.

5. Dampen your napkin, then drape over your yardstick.

6. Place yardstick on container so bottom of fabric is submerged into liquid.

7. The longer you let it sit, the darker it will be. For an ombre effect, leave napkin in dye for about 3 minutes, then submerge further for 2 minutes, then further for 1 minute or, raise the water level which will dilute the dye.