Clinton's Craft Corner: Coffee Filter Wreath

Clinton's Craft Corner: Coffee Filter Wreath

This coffee filter wreath is simply breathtaking and sure you make any table look beautiful. 

What You Need:
Paper towels
Large shallow bowls filled with water
Coffee filters Food coloring
A Foam ring
Foam piping
Packing tape

How to Make It:

1. Begin by mixing the food coloring with water. The water will dilute the dye so you can get the colors you like. I’m using fall shades of orange, green and brown.

2. Then, dip the coffee filters into the food coloring and set them up to dry.

3. If you can’t get to a craft store to buy a foam ring, you can actually make your own!  Pick up some plumbing insulation. Put an old marker or something firm in the ends of the tubing to hold the form.  Then, tape the ends together with some heavy duty tape and you’ve got a foam ring that costs under a dollar.

4. Once the filters dry, which should take no more than an hour, start making flowers.  Pinch the middle of the coffee filter and twist to make your flower.  Use a straight pin and attach each flower into the foam ring.