Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without Mexican dishes, free-flowing margaritas and festive decorations.

Clinton is going to show you how to light up your space with colorful lanterns made with leftover cupcake liners because nothing says “party” like cupcakes.  They have the look of these handcrafted paper lanterns in the store for nearly one thousand dollars we’re making them for less than five dollars!

What You’ll Need
- White paper lantern
- Standard sized cupcake liners
- Hot glue gun
- Lighting cord

How to Make It

1. Assemble lantern and place upside down in bowl.

2. Turn cupcake liners inside out.

3. Begin by covering bottom hole of lantern.

4. Continue hot gluing cups around the lantern in a horizontal bands.

5. After the halfway point turn the lantern over and continue.

6. Finish with a row along the edge of the top opening.