String Art

String Art

Watch How It's Made

Take a pile of nails and a spool of string, separate they are boring, but when fused together they create a unique piece of decor.

- Plywood/old cutting board
- Flathead nails
- Hammer
- Needlenose pliers
- String
- Image/word to trace

How to Make It

1. Find a board - plywood, old cutting board, or tree wood – will work.

2. Print word or picture and then cut and tape it on the board.

3. Start hammering nails around outline of letter or shape.

4. Tear off paper from board.

5. Start stringing.  You can use embroidery floss, thin yarn or twine. Make a slipknot and tie string to starting nail.  Then string around the outline of letter or shape. Next string back and forth to fill in letter or shape and end by stringing another outline. Finally, tie string to last nail, then cut the excess.

These add the perfect touch to any room and make great housewarming gifts!