Tea Towels

Tea Towels

Watch How It's Made

Today is a great day to get crafting and we’re going to make stamps out of stuff you already have in your produce drawer.

What You’ll Need
- ink pads or fabric paint
- cookie cutters
- vegetables (okra, celery or potato)
- tea towel
- sponge brush
- cutting board
- knife

How to Make Them

1. Gather vegetables like celery, potatoes and okra.

2. Cut your vegies.  

For the celery - hold it up and cut close to the base of the stalk. 
For the okra - cut the top of it and remove any seeds. For the potato - slice it in half lengthwise and push leaf cookie cutter through spud. Poke shape out of cutter and blot away any moisture.

3. Test out your stamps on paper. 

With your sponge brush, add some fabric paint to the celery stalk and press on paper.  You can also use ink pads.  Use these the celery and the okra to create flowers and then add some please with the potato stamps.

4. Once you feel like you got the hang of it begin stamping away at your tea towel.

5. After they dry completely, heat-set them in your dryer.