Entertaining with Style: Summer Decor

Entertaining with Style: Summer Decor

Watch How It's Made

It’s no secret that Clinton loves sophisticated dinner parties, but when you get fancy with your friends, you don’t have to spend like a king. You can dress up your table using items you can find right in your own home or backyard!

Terracotta Planter Serving Tray

To make this fun serving tray, find 3 terracotta saucers (a large, a medium and a small) and 3 small terracotta flower pots of the same size.  Stack pots inbetween saucers with the saucers decreasing in size.  Use hot glue to secure the pots to the saucers.

This tray is perfect for hors d’oeuvres, breads, cheeses and fruits!

Once you have your tray readty, the next thing to consider is setting the table. Clinton loves a natural-chic look that integrates the outdoors inside.  A great way to achieve that is to integrate earth, wind, fire and water.

1. Earth

Choose a sheet that adds color and incorporates earth tones such as sea-foam green. Next look in your backyard for a reclaimed piece of wood.  Place in the middle of table to act as a unique and a natural table runner.

After that, find an old organizational box, magazine box, or clementine box. Wrap the inside with burlap and use it to hold linen wrapped silverware.

Finally, you can bring in plants or herbs you have in your garden.  Wrap them in burlap and tie with twine or ribbon. This can serve as beautiful tabletop decorations or a party favor for your guests.

2. Water

To get the feel of water, Clinton suggests using wine bottles as water carafes. 

3. Fire

Rock candles are a great way to add a little fire to your table.  Find flat rocks or river rocks in your backyard and hot glue candles to them.

4. Wind

Add the wind element to the tablescape by bringing a wind chime from your garden to easily hang over the table with an “S hook!"