Oscar Party: Award Winning Crafts

Oscar Party: Award Winning Crafts

It’s almost the Oscars and the perfect time to get crafting.  No Oscar party is complete without some glitz and glam like this fabulous Oscar party marquee that you can put on your buffet table or mantle!

Cinema Marquee

What You Need
- A piece of foam core
- Poster board
- Utility knife
- Glue gun
- Strand of Christmas lights
- Gold spray paint

How To Make It

1. First, cut letter out of foam core with utility knife

2. With your utility knife, create x marks down the center of the letter, about 1 inch apart.

3. With a spare Christmas bulb, poke holes in x’s. You’ll use the strand of lights later.

4. Now it’s time to create the border. Cut strip of poster board about 2.5 inches wide.

5. Wrap strip around letter, folding at the corners.

6. Hot glue the strip to the letter to create border.

7. We’ve spray painted our letters a metallic Oscar-themed gold.

8. Poke Christmas lights through holes in letters

9. Place them on your buffet table or mantle, plug in and voila.

Ticket Bowls

Now, you need some yummy snacks to put on the buffet table with your marquee, but don’t serve them out of boring serving bowls.  Instead make these adorable bowls that deserve a standing ovation.

What You’ll Need
- Roll of tickets – can buy at any party or office supply store for about $4
- Decoupage glue
- Foam brush or paint brush
- Bowl

How to Make It

1. Mold roll of tickets over a bowl.  You can mix and match colors if you want

2. Apply decoupage glue to the outside and inside.

3. Glue tickets over the hole on the bottom to seal.

4. Fill with your favorite party snacks and voila!