Spooky Halloween Portraits

Spooky Halloween Portraits

Watch How It's Made

When decorating for Halloween, don’t stop at your front door! Here’s how to transform your family photos into spooky Halloween portraits.

- Photos
- Sponge Brush
- Black Craft Paint
- X-Acto Knife
- Cardstock
- Red Led Lights
- Picture Frame


1. Make a black and white copy of a portrait on printer paper.

2. Cut a piece of card stock the same size as the photo, glue to the photo’s back, and let dry.

3. Fit to the frame.

4. Mix black acrylic paint with water.

5. To “age” the picture, create a light sponge pattern on the photo. Work lightly and build up the paint. Do not over soak the paper. Let dry.

6. Using an X-acto knife, cut small circular holes to fit your red led lights.

7. Add card stock embellishments. It may be necessary to back it with additional cardboard because the backing of the frame has been removed. Leave an opening for the lights and cord.

8. Place photo in the frame.

9. Line up photos and insert red mini lights through the back of the eyeholes. Optional: drape with fake cobwebs to amplify the effect.

10. Plug in the lights and then replace the frame’s backing, securing it with tape if necessary.