Creative Magnets and Sunburst Mirrors

Creative Magnets and Sunburst Mirrors

The thing we love most about crafting is not only is it fun, but it’s so relaxing.

Marble Magnets

These cute little magnets are everywhere, but they’re just too pricy to buy in the store.  So, we decided to make them for twenty five cents a piece!

What You’ll Need
- Clear, flat bottomed gems
- Pictures/images/words
- Mod podge
- Magnet backing
- Foam brush
- Scissors

How to Make Them

1. Find small pictures - magazine clippings, letters and photos work well.

2. Place marble over picture to visualize look.

3. Trace around marble and then cut.

4. Apply mod podge to flat side of marble.

5. Press picture to flat side of marble, and then seal sides with mod podge.

6. Allow to dry.

7. Attach magnet to back.

Decorative Mirror

There are so many expensive versions of this mirror available, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the look! In fact, we made this one for less than five dollars.

What You’ll Need
- Paint stirrer sticks
- 7 inch mirror
- Cardboard
- Hot glue gun
- Paint brush
- Stain or craft paint

How To Make It

1. Paint sticks and sides with stain or craft paint. You can use different sized paint sticks or cut stick with saw or heavy duty scissors.

2. Cut circle out of cardboard that is slightly smaller than the mirror.

3. Glue cardboard circle to back of mirror.

4. Glue sticks in place.

5. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

6. Secure picture hook or wire to back

7. Hang up and stare at yourself all day!