Crafty Lumberjacks Game Day Crafts

Crafty Lumberjacks Game Day Crafts


-          Coaster Template

-          Scissors

-          Paint Marker

-          Sand Paper

-          Glue Gun

-          Cork Square 

-          Astroturf or Felt

1.       Print and cut out the template. 

2.       Trace template on the cork and on the back of the Astroturf. 

3.       Cut out with scissors.

4.       Sand rough edges of the cork with sandpaper.

5.       Use the paint marker to create details on the cork and Astroturf.

6.       With the hot glue gun, glue the cork and Astroturf together, back to back.


-          Scissors

-          Wire Cutters

-          Craft Glue

-          Craft Foam

-          Glittered Craft Foam

-          Wooden Skewers

1.       Cut out triangle for flag out of craft foam.

2.       Fold base of triangle over 1'' and snip two small perpendicular slits for the skewer. Be sure not to over snip these slits will keep your pennant in place.

3.       Cut out thin glittered foam strips and embellish along the base of the pennant on both sides.

4.       Glue on two glittered foam strips to the edge of the base for the tails.

5.       Thread skewer into foam slits and cut to size with wire cutters.


-          Card Stock

-          Mounting Squares

-          Straws

-          Decorative Embellishments

-          Washi Tape, Stickers, Markers

1.       Print and cut out score cards.

2.       Set out craft supplies and embellishments.

3.       Guests can pick, personalize and put together their own rating cards.

-          Choose two cards and decorate.

-          Tape and flatten straw on the back of one card.

-          Add mounting squares to each corner and adhere cards back to back.