Egg, Veggie, & Flower Centerpiece

Egg, Veggie, & Flower Centerpiece

Clinton finds his third Easter table clue…a roll of moss, his favorite!

Eggs (dyed)
1 large glass vessel
1 small glass vessel
Carrots (peeled & cut to size)
Asparagus (cut to size)

1. Put smaller glass vase inside larger glass vessel

2. Fill space between two glass vessels with item of choice:
- EGGS: Hard-boil eggs, then dye in color-scheme of choice. Mix dyed and un-dyed eggs.
- CARROTS: Clean or peel carrots. Measure and cut one carrot to size. Cut bunch of carrots to same height, cutting off bottom & top.
- ASPARAGUS: Measure and cut one asparagus spear to size. Cut bunch of asparagus to same height, removing bottoms.
- Place veggies standing upright in a ring between glass vessels.
- TIP: Use a sponge as a bookend to keep starting veggies in place as you go around.

3. Place flower arrangement in center vase