Clinton's Fall Crafts

Clinton's Fall Crafts

Trying to find new ways to bring the fall feeling into your home?  Clinton’s got some great suggestions no matter how limited you are on space or money.

Use Butcher Paper As Table Runner

Place your cheese selections right on the paper with crackers, nuts and fruit and identify them by writing on the paper.  You can also write your guests’ name on the butcher paper to indicate where they will be sitting.  This is great for a kid’s table too. Set out crayons to keep them occupied.

Make Table Decor By Using Pantry Items!

You’ll need an empty hurricane, jar or vase, a candle and bags of dried beans in different colors.  Just pour the beans in very slowly around the candle and repeat layers with different beans.

Use a Large Pumpkin as a Serving Plate or Ice Bucket

Cut off the top third of a large pumpkin with a serrated knife.

Make sure you scrape out all of the pulp and seeds.

Line your pumpkin with gingham napkins or fabric and pour chips into opening to create an adorable serving bowl.

That’s not all if you want to create a festive ice bucket for you wine just line your pumpkin with plastic wrap or a plastic bowl and fill with ice and serve bottled drinks.

A Pumpkin Soup Bowl

Just clean out a pumpkin and pour in your soup.