Clinton's Workshop: Holiday Ornaments

Clinton's Workshop: Holiday Ornaments

There’s nothing cozier than enjoying a nice glass of wine, or next to the Christmas tree, but instead of crafting the same old ornaments try one of these fun ones from Clinton.

Light Bulb Snowmen Ornament

Your whole family is going to love making these adorable light bulb snowmen and you probably already have all the materials lying around your house.

What You Need
- Light Bulbs
- Adhesive
- Glitter
- Paint or Nail Polish
- String
- Glue Gun
- Twigs

How To Make Them

1. Start with a light bulb. The more opaque the bulb the better.- extra soft white is a good choice.

2. Spray light bulb with adhesive.

3. Apply glitter. A fine glitter that is white or iridescent works best

4. Once they’re dry, paint metal base black – this will be snowman’s top hat. You can use nail polish or paint

5. Tie black string around base to hang ornament

6. Use black puff paint for eyes, mouth and buttons.

7. Use orange puff paint for carrot nose.

8. Hot glue twigs for arms

Cupcake Ornaments

These cupcake ornaments look good enough to eat and they’re super simple to make.

What You Need
- Ball Ornament
- Ribbon
- Glue
- Paint
- Glitter
- Red Beads
- Cupcake Wrapper

How to Make It

1. Start with a ball ornament. Any opaque color works.

2. Tie festive ribbon through hook. This will be used to hang ornament

3. For frosting, apply glue to top of ornament  You can also use paint for a colored frosting look.

4. Sprinkle glitter onto glue. A chunky glitter adds dimension.

5. Hot glue red bead on top for cherry. Glue it right next to hook.

6. Hot glue ornament into cupcake wrapper. Keep the cherry on the top. You’ve got a cupcake ornament.

Peanut Reindeer: This fun craft is great for kids.

What You Need
- Peanuts
- Black marker
- Pins
- Pipe cleaners
- Wire
- Hook and Eye
- String

How to Make It

1. Take the peanut and use a marker to give it eyes.

2. Add a straight pin to the peanut for a nose.

3. Add the pipe cleaners for ears.

4. Use thin wire to create antlers.

5. Hang with a small eye and hook using some string.