Jar Lid Family Photo Magnets

Jar Lid Family Photo Magnets

When you’re a new mom, suddenly you have all these different materials around to strike a new craft inspiration. The best way to keep to a budget, is to upcycle, and reuse what you have. Leah Ashley of ABC's FABLife shows you how to re-use empty baby food jars for a craft that shows your family's love!

- Baby Food Jar
- Printed photo
- Cardboard
- Glue
- X-acto knife
- Magnet


1. Print sheets of photos - Choose photos where faces are close together, so they’ll fit nicely in a circle.

2.  Trace top of lid onto cardboard and cut out - Place lid on top of cardboard, open-side up, so you’re tracing the small side, and use x-acto knife to cut around edge.

3. Trace top of lid onto photo and cut out - Place top of lid over portion of photo you’d like to use, and use x-acto to cut around edge.

4. Push card board circle into inside of lid. 

5. Modpodge photo into cardbard inside lid - Brush cardboard with coat of mod podge, add photo and let dry slightly. Then seal photo into lid with two more coats of mod podge. Let dry completely.

6. Glue magnets on back of lid - Cut 1” piece of adhesive magnet and affix to back of lid.